Custom Built Wooden Climbing Frame

Custom Design

The right solution for your garden BIG or small!

Rainbow Climbing Frames are made in America and like many things that originate from over the pond, bigger is often seen to be better. Now we can create your Play system as big as you like, by joining towers together with bridges, tunnels and swing beams until you can’t take any more. Some systems and play areas we have built over the years have had footprints of close to 5,000 square feet. Remember it is only your imagination that can hold your design back.

However whilst we love the larger systems, they are not the norm and unlike America we know that space is a huge issue in the UK. Therefor we have become rather good at configuring our systems so they fit brilliantly into smaller spaces. Sometimes we find that Mum and Dad have allocated a specific part of the garden just because they want to keep some of the garden for themselves, which we totally understand.

We always try to visit you so we all understand the amount of space available. Unfortunately that is not always possible due to geography but photos and measurements are also a good place to start. During the visit we will measure and take photos of your allocated space so we can discuss and design all options you are require for your play system.

We often bring garden canes to the visit so we are able to mark out the footprint of your chosen system allowing you to really visualize how the Play systems will fill your space.

Once back at base we then start to get creative with your specific requirements, designing various scale plans to show all the possibilities, these get shared via email. We will amend the drawings as many times as necessary to make sure that the play system we have created is absolutely right.

We will even build in some future proofing ideas, showing you how your Rainbow System can be expanded in the future and grow with your children’s needs

There is no charge or obligation for this service and we (Cub Scout) promise to never do any nasty sales type things, it is not how we do things here!

Please be aware that to finalize your individual system design can often take a few days or sometimes a little longer But I am sure you will agree it’s all about getting it right and creating the perfect play area for your little ones!

Give us a call to see how we can make your dream play area a reality.

Ward, wanted a large system and trampoline with sleeper surround. The challenge was the slope so we had to bring in small diggers to level before starting work on the surround and play area.

Maja, had a very small space in London and wanted a custom playhouse for her children.

Reynolds, wanted a large frame to entirely fill her space.

Custom Hideout Playhouse for small space.

Wooden Pirate Ship Climbing Frame

Pirate Ship

In 2013 a long standing customer requested our help in a one off project to design a pirate ship for their Organic Farm and animal attraction in Essex. They were already the proud owners of 2 large Rainbow Climbing Frames and this time wanted something different. They had seen photos of another pirate ship we had commissioned a few years earlier which is where their original idea had come from.

The area in question was on a slope but was relatively large. The designated area was to be doubled up as a picnic spot as well as a play facility, so whilst the ship had to be a large as possible it had to leave enough space for 10 picnic tables.

After the initial site visit we came up with a few suggestions and supplied a plan with a 3D drawing showing how the ship could look.

Once the scheme was finalized we started manufacturing the ship to his specific design and four weeks later, HMS Ashley was borne. Very exciting!

We are very proud of this bespoke project and enjoyed rolling our sleeves up and getting involved in a very individual project. If you have any outdoor play requirements that you think we could help with but can’t see what you are looking for on our website then please give us a call, we love the challenge and would love to help.

Commercial Climbing Frame Play Equipment

Rainbow Commercial

Rainbow have been manufacturing residential climbing frames for as long as wooden climbing frames have existed but you might not know that we also have a rather interesting range of commercial frames designed to meet the needs of schools, visitor attractions, pubs and other light commercial applications.

The starting point to most commercial projects is a site visit. At this stage we want to understand the space that’s available, the ages of the children who the play equipment is targeted and the budget for the project. Once we have this information we can get to work putting together scale plans showing you how our climbing frame will fit in your chosen paly area.

We will also talk with you about the options regarding safety surfacing which is necessary in many commercial play situations. We do always try to give the best advice with regard to surfacing because it can end up being expensive and at Rainbow we do feel that it’s important to maximize the budget on the fun stuff wherever possible!

All our Commercial frames are designed to be compliant with En1176, the commercial safety standard for play equipment so you can move your project forward with confidence that you’re getting the very best advice.